Month: August 2013

Hello!earth from Scandinavia

Copenhagen, Denmark from hello!earth on Vimeo. This is a hello!earth video. The hello!earth performance group appears on video as part of the Metropolis Festival held in 2009 in Copenhagen. What is so intriguing is their interdisciplinary approach and work, which seems so effortless yet requires much planning. Their performances cover investigations of cities and the urban environment. They also go to exploring nature and ‘earth’. The participants involve themselves in meeting people, and experiencing something new, and exiting. Their ’embodied experience’ creates the adventure.

Riikka Theresa Innanen on dances

Riikka Theresa Innanen: After I had decided to stop dancing at the age of 6, (I was to dance a duet with a boy, and I got too embarrassed and offended to go on), I totally got swept away with Break dancing at the age of 12, and had to start again. For a girl in 1980’s in a small town in Finland it wasn’t too easy to develop my passion, but I was equally inspired by the Fame that was on TV. I though I could support my street dancing with jazz dance classes. This developed further to ballet and modern dance until I stopped again. After a year of dancing flamenco as a hobby and trying to find a “real profession”, I realized that the only thing I really love and know to do is dancing. I studied dance and choreography 4 years in Amsterdam at SNDO (1993-1997). SNDO together with working a year in a residency at Daghdha Dance Company in Ireland has possibly left the biggest imprint on me as an artist. …