Why to love Hokusai

The Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849) is usually recognized for a single image—Great Wave Off the Coast of Kanagawa, which is an icon in the global art world. When we recognize the work, it is as if the unpredictability of the sea holds our attention when a mighty wave breaks against the beach. We are … Continue reading Why to love Hokusai

Natural world, meditation and climate change

Meditation as a practice implies self-awareness. Finding about inner strength, intuition, thought processes and wishes. Otherwise, putting things in the background while finding the inner focus to clarify and perform. All these aspects create the assurance of different levels of balance. One might believe that meditation is a pure focus, while the contrary is in … Continue reading Natural world, meditation and climate change

Olena Jennings: What is Left Behind

New York City poet Olena Jennings created a project based on a family photograph, which depicts a story belonging to her grandmother. It inspired her to design a special dress that carries a piece of the memory itself. The project "What is Left Behind", is a dress design with photo transfer and red lace. The … Continue reading Olena Jennings: What is Left Behind

Future perspectives in verses

Climate Change brings to mind emissions, which require solutions, such as futures with bikes and more car free highways. The planet Earth is calling us to bring nature to the negotiation table. These are the verses for the new year. "Nature's rhythm is different from the pace of the contemporary society." What we don't seem … Continue reading Future perspectives in verses

Patricia Chow: Vallauris, France in 5 weeks

Patricia Chow, an LA-based abstract painter who creates place-specific sensory works, returned from her artist residency in France. Firstindigo&Lifestyle: You have been living mostly in LA during the Covid. I imagine everyday life experiences have changed for you as well. Patricia Chow: I was used to frequent international travel prior to Covid, so it was … Continue reading Patricia Chow: Vallauris, France in 5 weeks

Corning Museum of Glass an innovative place to explore

As I walk into the Corning Museum's light filled galleries, finally having a chance to visit the world famous glass and art museum, Vanessa German's new sculpture is greeting me with its elevated presence. The blue sculptural figure is titled "The Walker; for how to honor the price of compassion-- how not to die of … Continue reading Corning Museum of Glass an innovative place to explore

Anna Nykyri and the transient bodies

Pandemic has left many cities different, as if touched by invisible forces that folded a new narrative in front of us, for what is here now, and what might be more common in the future. At least, it is true to New York City. Finnish film director, visual artist and choreographer, Anna Nykyri created a … Continue reading Anna Nykyri and the transient bodies

Nozomi Rose on artistic process during covid

New York artist Nozomi Rose is a current 2021 artist-in-resident at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)’s Arts Center on Governors Island in NYC. There has been an Island full of snow, couple of birthday cakes, and new artist friends. During times of social distancing, the residency has been fun, and great for exchanging inspirations and … Continue reading Nozomi Rose on artistic process during covid

On The Edge

Milanese gallery will run their current exhibition SUL MARGINE, ON THE EDGE, until February 24th, 2021 “After the exhibition Close Up in 2016, which examined aspects of closeness and intimacy of vision, the meditations on small-format works continues here, highlighting another crucial aspect, which is that of their extreme, liminal intensity and bodily materiality. Sul Margine/On … Continue reading On The Edge

An Escape from Solitude

Olena Jennings, New York City based poet and designer, escapes to the train in her latest work. During COVID-19, social distancing has been in place. For Jennings, new kind of creative process has evolved during this time, when thinking of poetry and design together. Firstindigo&Lifestyle: Would you like to name some inspirational poets? Olena Jennings: … Continue reading An Escape from Solitude