Firstindigo&Lifestyle – A Journal of 21 century art, design, performance and environment discusses current trends, reviews arts and performance works, gives voice to artists, designers, activists, curators, educators and scholars who represent a variety of topics, including: design research, artistic research, environment and social responsibility. It presents 21 century ideas & takes inspiration from the classics. Firstindigo&Lifestyle was established in September 2011.

About the founder and editor Inka Juslin:

PhD, writer and scholar in Social Sciences and the Arts; with a diverse background in the performing arts; as performer, choreographer, curator, lecturer, writer, consultant, board member, activist, and a critic. Writings have appeared in dance, theater and music magazines, culture and media journals, and in numerous books. Likes to collaborate with other writers.

Recent academic publications include advertising and visual analysis, view in Feminist Media Studies (Taylor&Francis)

Recent articles in books include performance ethnography and media analysis,

1) Fields in Motion: Ethnography in the World of Dance (Wilfrid Laurier University Press)

2) Nordic Dance Spaces: Practicing and Imagining a Region (Ashgate London)


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Some press include:

NYArts Magazine, ARC Magazine, The New York Times, TheaterScene.net, New York-Conneticut Theater Scene, Explore Dance, CurtainUp.com, The Nassau Guardian, Jewish Daily Forward, Huvudstadsbladet, Helsingin Sanomat, Eurocircle, The Ukrainian Weekly, Lapin Kansa, etc.