VOLTA edition #2 Derrick Velasquez

Artist Derrick Velasquez was presented at VOLTA by Philadelphia-based pentimenti Gallery. His marine vinyl and plywood wall pieces are sculptures, if you like, and at the same time they possess some qualities that are decorative, or design. Yet, this is not entirely summing up what he is doing with the ingredients. The art made by... Continue Reading →


VOLTA NY's 13 art fair is running for the sixth year in a row. The art fair celebrates a brand new location in SoHo's vibrant 82 Mercer Street. I visited VOLTA during its opening day on Thursday March 7th (until March 10th). Spending time next to the colorful, innovative, thoughtful, provocative, and utterly timely international... Continue Reading →

The Event of A Thread, a photojourney

Ann Hamilton's The Event of A thread is commissioned by the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. The work communicates with the building's architecture, and proposes individual encounters and congregational gatherings. Entering the Armory, I'm amazed by the space itself. The white fabric looks inviting, and the lighting design really emphasizes the beautiful floor.... Continue Reading →

What is a virtual feminist museum?

Griselda Pollock's writes in her Encounters in the Virtual Feminist Museum: Time, Space and the Archive (Routledge, 2007), about the choice and power, as well as about alternative views in the curating of art. Spring time is full of art showings. Some of the contemporary art events used ideas that were earlier introduced. Current mixing... Continue Reading →

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