Finnish Paloni designers come to New York

MINNA SÄRELÄ is a founder of Finnish design collective PALONI, which is coming to New York this weekend to open a pop-up store during the fashion week. PALONI shop will be open through the end of February at the Ivana Helsinki NYC Concept Store. Their motto is: YOU CAN CALL IT DESIGN, INDIE FASHION, ART … Continue reading Finnish Paloni designers come to New York

Anna Zaigraeva rocks her beadwork design

Anna Zaigraeva lives in New York City and works as a Russian to English translator. She designs beadwork jewelry in her spare time. -Anna, tell us how you started doing these and when?  - I learned beadwork from my best childhood friend back in Moscow. We were both ten. Since I moved to the States, … Continue reading Anna Zaigraeva rocks her beadwork design

Hopefully there will be changes

Our lives can become targeted, and the world events can break our innocence of time and space. The political turmoils in many areas of the Middle East have evidently shown us that our imagination of cultural space can change rapidly. International media has been 'good' in influencing our views of the significance of recent political … Continue reading Hopefully there will be changes

A great Yellow city

There is only so much we can do with the urban panning? Move cafes to the rooftops, leave the city center only for taxis? Start using bikes in the city. What remains in the city that never sleeps aka *NYC* are the yellow cabs. As I have gotten used to them in everyday life, I … Continue reading A great Yellow city

Feeling good about my environment

I was tuning into Björk's Joga, looking at videos of Icelandic landscape and thinking about the affective aspects of our environments. Where we grow up, the landscapes that we get used to, has an impact on us. I strongly believe that landscapes shape our emotions and our approaches to different environments. When I think about … Continue reading Feeling good about my environment

I found this architecture book from St. Mark’s Bookshop

What a nice thing to find out that St. Mark's Bookshop can celebrate its upcoming 34th anniversary with victory.  Cooper Union agreed to a new one-year lease to reduce the bookshop's monthly rent, this was necessary so that the bookshop can continue serving the Lower East Side community (and other visitors as well).  Every signature did count, I was one among the … Continue reading I found this architecture book from St. Mark’s Bookshop

Arctic sensing/design senses

It is almost twenty years now when Danish author Peter Høeg published his novel (1992) Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne, in English Smilla's Sense of Snow (1996 in English). I could not at that time understand all the possible turns and meanings that the novel encompassed but was still very thrilled by the beauty of the snow. In … Continue reading Arctic sensing/design senses

Asian art markets

Does copycatting rule the Asian markets, where much of the world's small technological innovation is located? Mobile-phone industries, small pieces in massive volume are centrally part of the future of the east.  What I find problematic in America is that the 'westerner' thinks we have invented it all. Today's Asia is very creative, the arts are sensationally inventive, international, … Continue reading Asian art markets

Gigantic cake for a cause/light from recycled bottles

What would be more uplifting in the season of the fall with less light approaching us, than to surprise your friends with a gigantic cake to vibrate senses. It is tasting good and creates a visual sculpture with a low cost budget. There is absolutely no reason why not. And it is a great excuse … Continue reading Gigantic cake for a cause/light from recycled bottles

Sustainable coffee cups

(Artist/educator Outi Länsikunnas enjoys Alice's Tea Cup) We are mistaken if we think that we can sustain our ecosystems with the current consumption of paper cups. It is not so false to argue that we are heading towards environmental disaster with all the paper cups and plates. Price in paper has been going up, yet as … Continue reading Sustainable coffee cups