Armory’s charm

Almost thought, that I wouldn't visit The Armory Show, which took place in the first week of March. The art fair's tiredless self-promotion worked, however, and the show on Piers 92 and 94 didn't disappoint. Next time, The Armory will move to a new location, providing also different dates. New York's Javits Center will host … Continue reading Armory’s charm

Interview: ruby onyinyechi amanze, drawings on paper

ruby onyinyechi amanze embeds a notion of scholarly artist in a true sense. Next to her large drawings on paper stands a mind that is influenced by spatiality in a geographical sense. The artist employs a design sensibility that gives her drawings variable perspectives. ruby amanze completed her art degrees, worked in art institutions, and … Continue reading Interview: ruby onyinyechi amanze, drawings on paper

Around Armory 2015: the moments

What are the most celebrated features in the international art scene at the moment? The big art fairs, such as The Armory Show display candy art, and communicate the global tends. What strikes through from the art fair's mass volume is the moment factor. The art takes place in the now, and is grasped as … Continue reading Around Armory 2015: the moments