Olena Jennings: What is Left Behind

New York City poet Olena Jennings created a project based on a family photograph, which depicts a story belonging to her grandmother. It inspired her to design a special dress that carries a piece of the memory itself. The project "What is Left Behind", is a dress design with photo transfer and red lace. The … Continue reading Olena Jennings: What is Left Behind

An Escape from Solitude

Olena Jennings, New York City based poet and designer, escapes to the train in her latest work. During COVID-19, social distancing has been in place. For Jennings, new kind of creative process has evolved during this time, when thinking of poetry and design together. Firstindigo&Lifestyle: Would you like to name some inspirational poets? Olena Jennings: … Continue reading An Escape from Solitude


In 2018, a New York City poet Olena Jennings created poetry based on her family's stories, attempting to visualise photography with words. The poems that resemble photography, carry them as frameworks of memory. In Olena Jenning's THE MEMORY PROJECT: The memory comes before the poem. The poem comes before the art. "I chose ink and paper … Continue reading Olena Jennings: THE MEMORY PROJECT

Olena Jennings: Correspondence

Olena Jennings's recent poetry narrates travel to Georgia in the summer of 2017. Her lyric lingers between urbanness and coupling, remembering moments, and capturing an essence of absurdity. September 2, 2017, NYC Stray cats begged at our table, as our faces grew moist, looking up at the sun. Enclosures followed: the tight space on the … Continue reading Olena Jennings: Correspondence