Bryant Park Yoga

The summer is full of colors which add dimension to the parks in the city. Yoga in Bryant park has invited attendees to sit, relax and stretch in a green area. This moment is quiet, waiting, before the rush…In case one wishes to escape the city, there is a ferry option going to the Governors Island, which attracts with its old time charm, and yet, it is becoming a center of all kinds of contemporary doings. It is possible to find the almost abandoned buildings, interiors and construction areas there, and even an old sanctuary/church. Things seem to be in-between state, so creative energy flows. The place is great for looking at water and the city from a little distance. The island has some green spots, and it is a perfect fit to do some modern mummy-like meditation or yoga.

There is also program for the ‘art hungry’. Contemporary Finnish photography found its space in Governors Island this summer (exhibition called Bodies, Borders, Crossings: Photography and Video Art From Finland, curated by Leena-Maija Rossi and Kari Soinio), and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council has been programming art there as well in their gallery space.

What adds dimension to physical exercising cultures these days is that, for example, yoga practices have taken in more performative elements. The influence of various ‘eastern’ bodily practices are coming to the ‘west’ together with the idea of world stage performances (of course there is Bollywood). In classical Indian dance, music and theater forms, the yoga is a foundation of the techniques used in the body. So when we actually look at the works, It is not only the performances that we see that influence us, but also the ways our modern hectic life keeps looking for new types of body techniques. Therefore, all trends that incorporate yoga-breathing and such into a daily/weekly/monthly-retreat routines is a healthy direction. With more centered body, the mind operates better.

I want to occupy this space in Governors Island and fly away. What is my survival kit in the city? Finding my innerscape, designing my yoga outfit, breathing through the fabric!

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