Heritage month

February is a great month. Sami national day on the 6th celebrates cultures and heritage of indigenous Sami people, on February 28th Finns have their Kalevala (the National Epic)-day. During the mid month, people who are interested in the old time traditions can head to Røros in Norway. This event is called Rørosmartnan – Røros Market, and will be held for two weeks starting February 15th until the 29th. The historical marketplace opened in 1854, and has occurred every year since. Fans of traditional dance and music can learn and dance at old sangerhus (singerhouse) with the tunes of rørospols-dance. The old mining town is since 1980 a Unesco World Heritage site.  The market itself is a wonderful place to look for vintage, arts and crafts, local and traditional foods, etc.  Be prepared as the town is located 630 meters above sea level. I went there in 2005 for couple of days and recommend the event as a fun social experience.

official website for market: http://www.rorosmartnan.no/

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