Wrapped Snoopy House by Christo

It can feel a little overwhelming when a familiar, child-like, popular-culture-like object joins a family of ‘art’.  This type of partnership occurs sometimes. I was in California recently, and had time to visit Charles M. Schulzmuseum in Santa Rosa for the first time.

Particularly, seeing a detailed exhibition of the techniques, how Snoopy animations were made was very enlightening. So was the Wrapped Snoopy House-project, which took me by surprise. The Story of the Wrapped Snoopy House began in 1975, when Schulz met Christo, as the first witnessed Christo’s project presentation to the Sonoma County’s board of supervisors. Christo was looking for support for his famous Running Fence-project, which came to be the 24 and half mile, 18-foot high white nylon curtain that zigzagged over the hills of Sonoma County, and landed into the ocean at Marin-Sonoma. Any event, Schulz and Christo became friends, and one testimony of their lasting friendship is the Wrapped Snoopy House, which is exhibited in the Schulz-museum.

Collage for  Wrapped Snoopyhouse, 2003 Christo. Pencil, drop cloth fabric, polyethylene, pastel, charcoal, enamel paint, wax crayon, rope and twine.  (Gift of Christo and Jeanne-Claude)

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