FALL vitamin time

(Kuplat in different colors by Yki Nummi, the lights displayed in Mbar, Helsinki)

…It is almost fall, although the concept has changed over time. So when does the actual fall begin, when is the late summer? What is sure is that we tend to push the starting of the fall further. Nevertheless, the fall is time for energizing oneself with colors. Vitamin drinks give energy with color, and cocktails in different glass shapes are an important part of the bar designs. The ‘food’ is also becoming more of a matter of design.

…With the colors, then, when it comes to the design-thinking, we need to reconsider the white as a basis for creating interiors. Design Modernism in itself is often taught as to be ‘black and white’. But, in fact, bright colors, would not stand out so much without the basic concept of white in the background surfaces and objects… Some timely and popular classics include remakings of the ‘vintage’ lighting designs by Yki Nummi (Kuplat, Lokki are popular). Then there is Arne Jacobsen’s Ant-chair, which looks great in white, as well as Eero Aarnio’s Ball-chair, with white exterior, and the color splash is found inside…

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